Protecting Your Privacy During a Divorce

BROOKLYN, New York. Divorce is both a legal matter and a personal one. Whether you are resolving your divorce outside of court through a private settlement or have to face your ex in court, many individuals are increasingly concerned about how they can best protect their privacy during a divorce. Privacy during divorce is not just something for celebrities or the wealthy. Average individuals don’t always want their private and personal matters on the public record. Who wants co-workers to find out about an affair? Who wants their whole family’s dirty laundry, parenting habits, and flaws out in the open?

According to Forbes, many celebrity and wealthy clients will choose to settle privately rather than go to trial in order to protect their privacy. While New York tends to protect the privacy of the individual in court filings, it can be difficult to absolutely protect the privacy of both parties if a case goes to public trial. Things mentioned during your court trial will go on the public record. These days, privacy is a matter of concern to all of us. Our reputations at work, in business dealings, and with friends and loved ones can be impacted by revelations made during a divorce hearing.

In addition to settling your divorce privately, you may also want to consider avoiding social media while your divorce is being finalized. While it might be tempting to rant about your ex to the world, doing so could hurt your child custody case, alimony case, and impact other aspects of your divorce.

Finally, you might want to ask your divorce lawyer what measures he or she has taken to protect your personal information within his office. Recently, the Brooklyn Bar Association’s Computer Technology Committee led a seminar on how lawyers can protect themselves from being hacked.  According to the Brooklyn Eagle, lawyers learned best practices to avoid being hacked. Lawyers deal with sensitive information every day—from client’s private financial records, their parenting plans, and personal disclosures about their private lives.

While we often think of hackers as people who are savvy with computers, some hackers employ clever social engineering tactics. Hackers might send out emails pretending to be someone they are not. Or, they may claim to know someone they do not know.

If you are going through a divorce, it is important to protect your sensitive information. You have the right to privacy during this difficult time. If you are considering getting divorced, hire a divorce attorney you can trust. The family lawyers at the Law Offices of Charles Zolot in Brooklyn, New York work closely with divorcing couples to help them reach a divorce settlement in a timely and amicable manner. While many potentially contentious issues must be addressed during a divorce, including matters pertaining to child custody, alimony, assets, and debts, our firm will help you navigate these tough questions and challenges. Visit us at to learn more about your options and rights.

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