Do I Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Experienced Child Custody Lawyers in Jackson Heights, NY 

The decision to file for divorce can be stressful and challenging. Families often face a range of difficult questions when they make the decision to file for divorce. In many cases, families want to find solutions that allow them to properly split property, funds, and find an amicable child support and child custody agreement. Of course, the most important decision any family will make is the determination of which parent will maintain custody of the children. These are often highly emotionally fraught decisions, as a child custody judgment will not only decide where your children will live, but will also determine how often you can see your children. Child custody in Jackson Heights NY is a complex process whereby divorcing couples decide where their children will reside, which parents will have the right to make decisions regarding the children, how much money in child support is due, and when, where, for how long, and under what circumstances will visitation rights take place.

Given the complexity of these questions, it is important that divorcing couples seek the help of an experienced child custody lawyer in Jackson Heights, NY. A child custody battle’s outcome will determine not only your children’s future, but also determine the fate of your family. The Law Office of Charles Zolot can help you resolve these highly emotional questions in a manner that keeps the best interest of your child in mind. If you are experiencing a divorce in Queens or Jackson Heights and need to make decisions regarding child custody, child support, or visitation, you need the Law Office of Charles Zolot.

How to Fight a Child Custody Battle 



When it comes to a child custody battle, it is important to first consider what a “win” would mean to you. Does winning the child custody battle mean finding an outcome that is best for your children, your spouse, and you? In most cases where there is no history of abuse and neglect, the courts strive to find child custody solutions that are satisfactory for all parties and are in the best interest of the children. A child custody lawyer like Charles Zolot in Jackson Heights can help you fight a child custody battle in a way that provides the best possible outcome for you and your children.

What are some things to consider when you are fighting a child custody battle? First of all, it is important that you think about what child custody arrangement would be best for you. In New York, the courts can award joint, sole, and split custody. Under a sole custody arrangement, one parent maintains custody of the children and makes the major decisions. The other parent will generally visit with the children on weekends and alternate holidays. Joint physical custody means that the children reside in two houses. Children will divide their time living with each parent. The court uses formulas to determine how children will spend their time. Joint legal custody means that both parents have the ability to make major decisions for their children. Even if both parents have joint legal custody of the children, the children may still spend most of their time living with only one parent. Split custody is different than joint custody in that the children will spend significant time with one parent and then spend significant time with the other parent. This may be an option for divorcing spouses who will be living far apart. Yet, split custody is often considered rather disruptive to the children’s lives. Because the court uses the standard of finding what is in the best interest of the children in making custody determinations, unless there are strong reasons for the children to move frequently, the court will not award split custody. However, if divorcing parents choose this arrangement outside of court, and can make a case for why it is in the best interest of their children, this arrangement, if satisfactory, may be attainable. Overall, divorcing couples should consider their schedules, the time they have to devote to the children, their children’s emotional needs, and also the parents’ emotional needs as well. Once you have made a decision regarding how you want to approach fighting your child custody battle, you’ll want to hire a skilled child custody lawyer in Jackson Heights, NY who can help you find the best solution for yourself and for your family.

Do I Need A Child Custody Lawyer? 

A child custody lawyer can help you and your ex draft a child custody agreement that works for you and your children. Seeking the help of a lawyer to help you determine your child custody agreement can mean the difference between you and your ex making these important decisions and New York courts making the decisions for you. New York family courts consider several factors when making child custody decisions. First and foremost, the court will consider what is in the best interests of the child. Next, the court will consider the children’s wishes. The court also takes other factors into account, such as: which parent was the children’s primary caretaker, parents’ work schedules, children’s relationship with parents and siblings, mental health of both parents, and parenting skills. The court will additionally take into account any history of violence or physical violence when making a determination. If you are getting divorced in Jackson Heights, NY and have children, it is a good idea to seek the guidance of a child custody lawyer.

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The Law Office of Charles Zolot offers the services of the best divorce lawyers in NYC. If you are wondering how to fight a child custody battle in Jackson Heights, NY, you need a child custody lawyer. Divorce is a stressful time. The future may seem uncertain. The complexity of the law can raise more questions than provide answers. Many individuals ask, “Do I need a child custody lawyer?” If you have children and are getting divorced, the resounding answer is yes. Protect your family and your children’s future. Seek the legal advice of the Law Office of Charles Zolot today.