Divorcing? Consider Your Adult Children

BROOKLYN, New York. If you are getting divorced after your children have left home, you may think that you’ll have less to consider because your children are no longer minors. While it is true that you won’t be required to have a parenting plan or a child custody agreement, it is still wise to consider how divorce can affect and impact your adult children both emotionally and financially. While you may not be required under the law to have a parenting agreement for your adult children, if you are concerned about your children’s inheritance or don’t want to find yourself footing their college bill, you may want to take the time to speak to a qualified Brooklyn, New York divorce attorney like the Law Office of Charles Zolot.

According to the New York Times, the number of people who are young adults when their parents choose to divorce is climbing, with the number of people getting divorced after age 50 doubling in the last 20 years. While you might think that your children won’t be hurt by your divorce, think again. While the focus is often on the impact that divorce has for young children, for older children, their parents’ divorce can represent a paradigm shift. Most young adults are also embarking on their own first serious relationships. How you handle your divorce can impact your children. For example, if children are off in school, you and your ex may want to speak with your children about how holidays back home will be handled. Adult children may also be more often required to take on the emotional burdens of the divorce. Parents may believe that their adult children can handle it, when your children may also be struggling through trauma the divorce has caused. It is wise to seek counseling if you find yourself relying on your adult children for support. Reversing the roles of parents and children is never healthy, even if the children are grown ups.

Older divorcing couples may want to consider how the couple’s financial split will impact the children, even if the children are over 18. If you and your ex set up a trust fund, does that stay intact? If you had planned to pass down your home, what happens now if the home is sold? These are tough questions, but they should be considered.

You may need to ask many tough questions if you are considering getting divorced later in life. You and your ex may have saved up for retirement together and many of your assets may be intertwined. Unraveling these connections can be challenging. This is why it is wise to have a qualified divorce lawyer on your side, helping you answer the tough questions. Finally, if you have minor children and adult children, it is important to make sure that adult children don’t get lost in the mix. Minor children must be cared for and should be considered, but adult children’s concerns should also be considered with sensitivity, even if the courts won’t require you to include them in a parenting plan. Visit https://www.zolotlaw.com/ to learn more about how our firm can help you navigate some of the challenges that arise during divorce.



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