Divorce Lawyers and Family Attorneys In Queens, NY


While going through a divorce, you want to be sure that you have an experienced divorce lawyer in queens working diligently on your case to ensure the best possible outcome. Divorce can lead to life-long financial consequences, for some. The decisions made during the divorce process can have an impact on how your family is structured, on how much money and property you keep, and it can have an impact on how often you get to see your children. At the Law Office of Charles Zolot, the practice of law is the utmost priority for our elite family attorneys. Every case is unique. Some families face child custody battles and questions about visitation, while some individuals require alimony. For some couples, the major questions involve the equitable division of property and assets. Always keeping our clients’ individual needs and priorities in mind, we strive to ensure that your case will end quickly and in your favor.

The Law Office of Charles Zolot in Queens NY offers skilled representation for individuals who need to develop parenting plans, determine child support amounts, and equitably divide property, assets, and money following a separation. Furthermore, the firm works with individuals to ensure that alimony amounts, when necessary, allow individuals the ability to rebuild their lives following separation.

Turn to the Law Office of Charles Zolot in Queens, NY if you need to resolve any issues in family law. Our dedicated family attorneys make it their mission to ensure that you and your loved ones remain as stress-free as possible during your case. The paperwork required before a divorce can be finalized can often be complex. Improperly filing this paperwork or submitting incomplete information can lead to dismissal of your case or to the delay of the process.  When dealing with any area of family law, it can take months, sometimes even years, to obtain a resolution. With the help of our family attorneys, your legal separation proceedings will be resolved promptly, leaving you to walk away from your case ahead.


The practice of law encompasses many areas. At the Law Office of Charles Zolot, we can help you with filing for legal separation, drawing up a prenuptial agreement, determining child custody and child support arrangements as well as a slew of other family and marriage-related matters. Our family lawyers in Queens can also assist you with guardianship, wills and trusts, estates, and even paternal testing. Trust in the Law Office of Charles Zolot to resolve all your law needs.

Many people don’t seem to realize that a divorce can turn sour at any moment, even when a couple decides to part ways mutually. When it comes to decisions about property acquired in the marriage, alimony, child custody, and child support, it can be difficult, even for the most amicable of parties to agree on all issues. Individuals have different ideas about how their children should be raised, and money is one of the most contentious issues even for married couples. The divorce process can require very delicate negotiations. Having a lawyer on your side to help you navigate the legal and practical issues of separation can help lead to a better outcome. Your lawyer will ensure that all aspects of the process are professionally and carefully managed.

Divorces can end very painfully and, if you have any children, they are very likely to be affected emotionally by your separation. With the help of the Law Office of Charles Zolot, you will be able to rest easily, knowing that you will have a leading paralegal working on your case day and night to ensure you and your loved ones’ well being. Our family attorneys in Queens have years of successful law litigation experience under their belts and are ready and waiting to help you with your needs.

Call the Law Office of Charles Zolot today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our renowned family law experts. Our lawyers are on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you unrelenting support and unsurpassed legal counsel.