What is Integrated Domestic Violence Court?

It is common for a family that is facing a criminal domestic violence case to have related cases in matrimonial and family court. In an effort to promote victim safety, prevent conflicting orders, and improve efficiency of these cases, New York introduced Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) courts.

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Can I Modify My Child Support Order

If you are struggling to pay child support or if you have primary custody and you think your child’s other parent should be paying more, it may be possible to get your child support order modified. Child support modifications are only granted in certain situations, which include:

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Divorce While Pregnant: New Concerns in Family Law

Families are constantly evolving. As families change, so to do the circumstances leading to divorce. While divorce with children is common, divorce while pregnant is less so. Yet, more couples are going through divorce while the woman is pregnant. If this describes your situation, you may have to answer unique family law questions if you choose to move forward with the divorce before the child is born. For instance, if you are pregnant with your first child, you may no longer be able to apply for simplified divorce in New York. If you are going to be divorcing while pregnant, it is a good idea to speak to a family lawyer. The Law Office of Charles Zolot may be able to help. Read more

Child Custody Law: What to Do If You Suspect Your Ex is Abusing Your Child

According to Purdue University, there are several red flags that suggests that your partner may be abusive to your children. For instance, a partner that has hurt your children in the past is more likely to do so again. Threats against you and your children should also not be taken lightly. Other warning signs of potentially abusive parents include:

  • Abuse of animals
  • Destruction of clothing, objects in the home, or items you care about
  • Destructive behavior during arguments

If you suspect that your children are being abused while they are in the custody of your ex, contact Child Protective Services as soon as possible. You may also want to speak to the child custody lawyers at the Law Office of Charles Zolot. Read more