Are You a Working Parent? How Child Custody Battles Can Impact Your Job

BROOKLYN, New York. Whether you work in an office, have your own business, or are a tennis pro, getting divorced and facing a child custody battle can have an impact on your work life. The New York Times recently reported on how, tennis pro, Victoria Azarenka may miss the U.S. Open as a result of her child custody battle. In California, where Azarenka lives, parents are not permitted to take children out of the state before a child custody battle is resolved. For parents who travel for work, these laws could impact a person’s ability to do their job.


Some parents face the wrenching decision of traveling for work, or leaving their children behind. Doing so could also impact their case, especially if the parent has concerns about the child’s safety. The other party in the case could use the parent’s busy schedule against them during trial, using the travel to show that one parent is more “stable” than the other.

When making child custody decisions, the courts don’t favor the mother over the father, but they may favor factors like “stability” and a parent’s ability to provide emotional and physical support for the children.

Working parents may face additional challenges when it comes to child custody matters. If one parent is offered a job offer in another state, a child custody arrangement may make it difficult for the parent to both accept the job and retain custody of the child, especially if moving would impact visitation or the child’s ability to enjoy contact with both parents.

Because circumstances change, divorcing couples need to consider a protocol in their parenting plan for addressing changes of address or states. In most cases, the parent who is moving will have to petition for a change in the parenting plan. This can be tough to do.

In some cases, individuals divorce and parents live in different states from the outset. If this is the case, it is incredibly important to have a clear and written parenting plan in place before you send your child away to visit the other parent. The Huffington Post, reported on one case where a parenting plan wasn’t in place and the parent living in another state used the laws of the state to his advantage to gain custody of the child, even though the child didn’t live in the state. If you are facing a cross-state child custody dispute, it is often in your best interests to have your case heard in your home state. This can save you money in travel and also allow you to seek a lawyer closer to home.

Families live complex lives, now more than ever. The child custody lawyers at the Law Office of Charles Zolot in Brooklyn, New York work closely with parents who are going through a divorce or those who need to make changes to their child custody agreements. Our firm understands that child custody matters can be highly emotional. You want what is best for your children and sometimes both parents can have competing ideas of what that looks like. If you are facing a child custody battle, visit today to learn more.



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