3 Crucial Mistakes That Could Harm Your Custody Case—Advice from a Queens Child Custody Lawyer

Even if your marriage is ending amicably, it is likely that you and your ex will disagree on certain terms of your divorce. Child custody is often a matter of contention—especially when one parent wants to limit the custodial rights of the other.


If you are facing divorce and you foresee a custody dispute, it is important that you learn the factors that the court will consider when awarding custody and that you take steps to demonstrate your fitness as a parent. The primary concern of the court will be your children’s best interests, and an experienced child custody lawyer can explain how you can prove your ability and willingness to play a constructive and nurturing role in your children’s lives.

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Let’s examine three common mistakes that you should avoid during your child custody proceedings:

  1. Refusing to Cooperate with Your Ex

As NY Courts explains, the court will consider your willingness to cooperate with the other parent when evaluating the best interests of your children. It is important, then, that you demonstrate your ability to co-parent by avoiding conflict with your ex and by encouraging a relationship between your children and their other parent.

If your marriage ended on bad terms, try to take a business-like approach to your interactions with your former spouse, and never insult your ex by text, email, or social media. Those messages will most likely be admissible in court.

  1. Posting Sensitive Information on Social Media

It is best that you avoid using Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites until your case has finalized. If you continue to use these sites, be very careful about what you post. A seemingly benign post could harm your case—especially if it relates to your child custody proceedings, dating life, or career.

  1. Staying Unemployed

Although your income will not be a primary factor in determining the best interests of your child, it is important that you demonstrate your willingness to provide for yourself and your children. If you were a stay-at-home parent during your marriage, you will most likely have to find a job to make ends meet. Doing so sooner rather than later might work in your favor.

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