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Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers in Jackson Heights and Queens, NY

The Law Office of Charles Zolot is a law firm in Jackson Heights, New York with a focus on family and bankruptcy law. We handle a wide range of legal matters pertaining to both divorce and bankruptcy cases and our divorce lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional legal counsel and a personal level of support throughout the entire duration of your divorce case in Jackson Heights and Queens, NY. With passion, integrity and an unwavering commitment to our clients, our divorce lawyers in Queens pride themselves on offering superior legal services to ensure the swift and successful resolution of each and every case.

Family and Divorce Law in Jackson Heights and Queens

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Going through a divorce in Jackson Heights or Queens is one of the most difficult processes that a family can undergo. Even when a couple decides to separate out of mutual accord, things can turn sour at any moment. Because a number of factors may sway a divorce case in one direction or another, it is especially important to seek legal assistance when filing for divorce or when resolving any other family-related matter, including child custody arrangements and alimony. If you are considering filing for divorce, legal separation or are facing any other kind of marriage or domestic issue, we are here to provide you with the superior legal assistance you both need and deserve. Charles Zolot is an experienced divorce attorney in Jackson Heights, New York committed to protecting your rights with integrity and tenacity. Mr. Zolot takes a personal approach to family law and stops at nothing to make sure that your interests are upheld throughout the entire case. Divorce cases in New York can take months and sometimes even years to finalize, but Mr. Zolot, will use his best efforts in resolving your case in a timely manner with a favorable outcome.


When handling a family law case, it is especially important to consider the needs of the children. Many couples don’t realize just how much their kids can be affected by their separation. At the Law Office of Charles Zolot in Jackson Heights, we put your children’s needs first, along with yours. We offer you advice and suggestions pertaining to child custody arrangements and child support payments that will benefit your children and ensure that they suffer as little stress and pain from the divorce as possible.

Turn to the Law Office of Charles Zolot for assistance with a wide range of marriage and divorce issues, including:

* Prenuptial Agreements

* Postnuptial Agreements

* Property and Asset Division

* Alimony (Spousal Support)

* Child Support

* Child Custody

* Wills and Trusts

* Paternity

* Guardianship

Bankruptcy Law


The Law Office of Charles Zolot can also assist both individuals and businesses struggling with debt. If you accrued an unmanageable amount of debt from personal expenses, business-related expenses, lawsuits, or back taxes, you may be eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Chapter 7, known as liquidation bankruptcy, is the most popular chapter filed in New York. Not only can both individuals and businesses qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, but most – if not all – unsecured debt can be discharged in as little as three months’ time.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Jackson Heights and Queens, NY will analyze your financial situation, reviewing your assets and liabilities in order to determine if you qualify for bankruptcy protection. If so, we will help you file the petition in court, taking care of all required documents and creditor phone calls along the way.

With years of experience helping debtors file Chapter 7 bankruptcy law petitions, Mr. Zolot will work tirelessly to reduce or possibly even completely wipe out your debt, giving you the fresh start you deserve. Turn to our divorce firm for assistance with any of the following:

* Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

* Personal or Business Bankruptcy Petitions

* Full Asset, Debt and Income Analysis

* Protection for Your Assets

* Protection from Foreclosure

Legal Counsel That Exceeds Your Expectations

Whether you are struggling in a sea of debt or are in the middle of a lengthy dispute over an impending divorce, you can count on the lawyers at Law Office of Charles Zolot to provide you with exceptional legal services throughout the entire duration of your case in Queens, NY.

As one of the most sought after bankruptcy, divorce lawyers and family attorneys in Queens, Mr. Zolot will not only handle your legal matters as efficiently as possible, but will offer you a personal level of support to help you through these trying times. We pride on providing our clients with individualized services and are always available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact the Law Office of Charles Zolot in Jackson Heights today for an initial consultation to discuss your options and your rights.