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Protecting Your Privacy During a Divorce

BROOKLYN, New York. Divorce is both a legal matter and a personal one. Whether you are resolving your divorce outside of court through a private settlement or have to face your ex in court, many individuals are increasingly concerned about how they can best protect their privacy during a divorce. Privacy during divorce is not just something for celebrities or the wealthy. Average individuals don’t always want their private and personal matters on the public record. Who wants co-workers to find out about an affair? Who wants their whole family’s dirty laundry, parenting habits, and flaws out in the open?

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Child Support After 18: Should Child Support Cover College Costs?

BROOKLYN, New York. If you are going through a divorce in Brooklyn, New York and have children, it is important to consider all the ways in which your child will require financial support. For many families, financial support doesn’t end at age 18. Most middle-class families contribute money to their children’s college educations. However, if the cost of college education isn’t considered during a divorce, children could potentially lose out on important financial support.

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Do Divorce “Cooling Off” Periods Put Domestic Violence Victims at Risk?

QUEENS, New York. Many states have “cooling off” periods in the interest of reducing the number of people who get divorced. The states claim that they have a vested interest in protecting marriages, especially where children may be involved. Critics claim that the state should have no say in whether people stay together or part ways. However, in the case of divorce involving domestic violence, “cooling off” periods may be just one more hurdle that the abused need to jump over before they are free of the cycle of violence for good. In other cases, onerous residency requirements can end up trapping individuals in marriages with violent spouses.

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Are You a Working Parent? How Child Custody Battles Can Impact Your Job

BROOKLYN, New York. Whether you work in an office, have your own business, or are a tennis pro, getting divorced and facing a child custody battle can have an impact on your work life. The New York Times recently reported on how, tennis pro, Victoria Azarenka may miss the U.S. Open as a result of her child custody battle. In California, where Azarenka lives, parents are not permitted to take children out of the state before a child custody battle is resolved. For parents who travel for work, these laws could impact a person’s ability to do their job.


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How to Help a Friend Going Through a Divorce

QUEENS, New York. If your friend is going through a divorce, you may be wondering how you can help and what you can do. It can be difficult to know what a friend is going through, especially if you haven’t been through a divorce yourself. What are some things you can do to help?

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7 Questions to Ask Before Getting Divorced

BROOKLYN, New York. Divorce is a tough decision for any couple to make and most couples spend months or years trying to save their union before making the decision to split. That said, if you and your partner are considering filing for divorce, here are 7 questions you may want to ask before you file the paperwork.

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How Can I Prepare My Children for Divorce?

If you are considering divorce and you and your spouse share children, the idea of breaking the news to them may be heartbreaking. Even if you checked out of the marriage a long time ago, your children are still emotionally invested in the current family dynamic, and it is only natural to want to protect them during the transition.

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